Infrastructure Lafayette

Lafayette is a vertically integrated textile company that is proudly originated in Bogota, Colombia. We rely on more than 1600 employees and a production facility with over 900,000 square feet. This has allowed us to optimize each step of the productive process, while maintaining the highest quality standards, as well as improving the quality of life and wellbeing of our team.

Our Facility

Vertically Integrated

We integrate the entire textile process, from yarn manufacturings to weaving and knitting, to dying and printing and finishes with cutting edge technology. All of our processes are based on the highest research and innovation parameters in order to develop superior textile solutions.


In the forefront of technology

With the polyester chip as a starting point, Lafayette manufactures the threads that will bring your designs to life. As a vertically integrated company, our production process initiates with the production of filament yarn, which is then woven or knitted, dyed, printed, and treated with a wide variety of special finishes. Every step of the process is audited with rigorous quality controls. Get to know our smart fabrics

Our Retail Stores

The quality and variety we are known for

You will find the quality and variety which characterize our product portfolio at Lafayette retail stores. Additionally, our sales team offers you skilled advice, competitive sales and permanent activities. Find our Stores